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Finished last night what I now believe is my One True Playthrough.
M(age)!Hawke, Fenris rivalmance, BFFs Isabela & Varric. Sad about Arishok thing being inevitable. He respected the Arishok/Qun! Rivaled Anders all the way through (even though Sorrel sided with the mages at every turn), and still spared him at the end (cause god damnit babies, you have to be kind).
Bathed in gallons of Templar blood. Wandered off into the sunset with his broody elf.
Fade to abandoned HawkeHaus, full of mood light and dustmotes.
I do wonder though, what Varric was doing back in Kirkwall. I suppose the fictional Aunts & Uncles couldn't make the Guild meetings.

First time through, ran a rogue, friendmanced, sided w/ Templars, murdered Terrorist!Anders. Not nearly as satisfying for me as the player, for some reason. Aeden was happy with that. He's always -such- a jerk.

Now, off to work, with thoughts of Thedas in my head. What else is new.

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I'll probably never manage a rivalmance. I'm lame. XD

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