Mar. 19th, 2012

hostilemakeover: (drama drama drama)
Wanted one thing from your next expansion, and honestly? You guys managed to hit the 90000 things I wasn't interested in.

Sub par, ugly models remain in place! Wait, didn't you say, character models needed an overhaul to make them work with the monk animations? So, now what? Shitty clipping and skeletons made even more of gummy?

You're adding Farmville? Now that's some high highfalutin bullshit right there.

But... but... you remodel your monsters, and decided to stop reskinning mounts until we're sick to death of looking at the same drake clogging up Org?

Seriously, fuck you guys. In the goddamn ear. With a cactus.

Monks are -not- cool enough to make up for this crap.

Blizzard? I am disappoint. Have you even LOOKED at the shit I can play? It's 2012, okay, and tbh, I thought your look was too damn cartoony at launch. We stuck around for the world, and most recently, the guild we found.

The only thing that keeps me from a total ragequit is the guild. They are so goddamn nice and supportive it makes my heart hurt to even think of leaving. - source

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