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Your dog has figured out how to jump the fence. She's way too nervous to be out and about. You're lucky I know how to handle nervous dogs, and how to avoid being bit. Yeah. I don't appreciate having to deal with random adrenaline surges which come from your nervous dog charging me with teeth bared as I try to lead her back to your yard.

When it's one of the 90billion neighbor kids running into her, it's not going to end well. She's not a bad dog, but people are going to say, "Oh, pit bull mix, it figures.", and cluck their tongues. (A rant for a different time. I <3 Pibbles, and think they have a seriously bad rap to overcome, but are some of the loviest dogs on the planet) You, 3 people living next door, are bad pet parents. Additionally? Everyone hates that you leave FOUR DOGS out in a yard the size of a glorified run to bark their faces off all day.

Did I mention yet, that four dogs is double the city limit?
I don't want to call the city. I really don't. But the longer this goes on, and the more often this happens... the more likely I am to do so.

I hate to think though, that I'd be the reason that one, probably two of your dogs will be taken from you. But seriously... I should not have to look both ways before getting my mail.

And now, off to work.
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